Peak – Braining Training (Version 3.15)

Synopsis of the App​​

Peak lets you play engaging and challenging games to exercise your memory, focus and more. Set personal goals and tackle daily mental workouts to “train the brain.” Those with a competitive edge, can play, compete and compare statistics with friends. Though the evidence surrounding using brain games to boost brain health is evolving, Peak is a fun download. It’s good for adults of all ages but may be especially helpful for older adults who want to test, challenge, and track memory and mental agility.

Platform and Price
Free + Pro edition. Apple and Android.

RDN Score
5 out of 5


  • User-friendly and engaging design.
  • Gamified, fun and challenging.
  • Set personalized daily goals and mental workouts.
  • Designed with and by scientists and universities.
  • Starts with an easy interview to set training goals and an assessment “workout.”
  • Set training goals to measure and exercise memory, language, ability to focus, stimulate problem solving skills, metal agility, and perception of emotion.
  • Tailor training by adding basic personal details like name, age, education, gender and profession.
  • Option to play, compete and compare stats with friends and train with a coach to track progress and improve.
  • Includes a “digital coach” to guide your first workout.
  • Creates a “brainmap” that will change over time as you continue to play the different games. Compare the “brainmap” to others in your age, profession or friend group.
  • Allows a limited number of workouts per day to keep the challenges fresh.
  • Games are capped after a while but you can pay a monthly ($4.99), yearly ($2.92) or lifetime rate ($99.99) to keep playing.


  • There’s no solid evidence that these kinds of games actually improve cognition or prevent dementia but it’s a fun way to pass the time and test your memory

Bottom Line

Peak is a good download for adults of all ages but may be a fun game for older adults who want to challenge, and track memory and mental agility.

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