Symple (Version 2.1.5)

Synopsis of the App​​

Symple is a simple and well-designed tracking and reporting system to manage symptoms and the factors that influence them. Users can rate symptoms on a color-gradient to indicate intensity from green to red for being the most severe. Using the graphs available, they can analyze how those symptoms overlap with factors like sleep or air travel over a short or long term period. To get the full experience including journal entries and unlimited symptom and factor logging, users must upgrade to the complete version of the app.

Platform and Price
Free. Apple only.

RDN Score
4 out of 5


  • User-friendly interface and attractive design.
  • Manage up to 10 symptoms and 10 influencing factors at any given time.
  • Create and save custom factors and symptoms.
  • Select from a wide range of specific symptoms covering different parts of the body, digestive issues, sleep, energy levels, and emotional and mental health.
  • Record and monitor the factors that may impact symptoms like different aspects of daily life such as air travel, bedtime and screen time, diet, exercise or medication and supplements.
  • Log symptoms from morning to night and rate the intensity using a color gradient scale from none (green) to severe (red).
  • Take up to 4 photos per day to document rashes or other visible signs and symptoms.
  • Email your doctor an overview of active and inactive symptoms, factors, and select journal entries over a set date range directly from the app.
  • Turn on alerts and reminders to track symptoms.
  • Export data to spreadsheet.
  • Easily view graphs of your symptoms from 1-3 months and factors across those.
  • Connect Apple Health and Google Fit to seamlessly add sleep, steps, and heart rate data.
  • Upgrade to Symple Complete ($4.99) for access to a daily journal, passcode protection, unlimited symptom and factor logging, and expanded graph function.


  • The basic (free) app limits symptom management to 10 at a time.
  • The journal function is limited to complete subscribers.
  • The symptom share report is emailed as a PDF without encryption or other privacy protection.
  • Symptom and factor entry could be improved with a search feature.
  • Not yet available on the Android platform.

Bottom Line

Symple is ideal for anyone needing a simple tracking and reporting system to manage symptoms and the factors that influence them.

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