Freework (Version 1.94.4)

Freework (Version 1.94.4) -Synopsis of the App: Freework is a mobile freelance operating system that includes timesheet and client management, invoicing and payments, and live reporting.

Price and Platform: Free. Apple and Android.

RDN Score: 5/5


  • User-friendly, intuitive design that’s easy to set up and ready to use in under a minute.
  • Large button on home page prompts you to start tracking immediately.
  • Track time for one or multiple clients at once.
  • Input and manage up to 3 clients with the free version of the app.
  • Add and send yourself tasks and calendar events using the Timebox email address.
  • Select from many different global currencies to do business with clients around the world.
  • Track time and add notes and tags by task.
  • Filter tasks by all or specific clients, and tags like billed, unbilled, pending and important.
  • View client details including the address and logged tasks.
  • Connect with Google calendar to sync calendar events to your Timebox and include calendar events into the timesheet.
  • Send invoices with a timesheet attached and accept payment online via major credit cards, PayPal, stripe, and Apple Pay.
  • Create and view reports for tasks and tracked hours. Live reporting lets you breakdown tasks into hours worked and money earned and track trends to optimize time and tasks.
  • Enable geofencing to traverse different time zones without missing a task or deadline.
  • Accessible on the web and mobile.


  • Limited to 3 clients with an option to upgrade or raise the limit by inviting friends to Freework.
  • Allows only one tag per task at a time.

Bottom Line: Freework is ideal for contractors or other freelancers who work by the hour. Though it’s not a full project management program, Freework is ideal for new freelancers who need the basics to run a business.

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