Glo (iOS Version 6.4.2)

Glo (iOS Version 6.4.2) -Synopsis of the App: With classes for all levels and at various lengths, Glo is a yoga, Pilates and meditation app designed to support a busy lifestyle.

Price and Platform: Free. iOS and Android.

RDN Score: 5/5


  • Easy-to-use app with an intuitive design that inspires action.
  • Set a weekly goal and track progress from the home page to stay engaged.
  • Starts with a three-question survey to personalize your practice.
  • Set a focus on the basics, strength, flexibility, prenatal, focus and productivity or advanced practice among other areas of focus.
  • Check-in questions help identify your favorite ways to practice self-care and guide Glo’s recommendations for content such as showing classes with or without props.
  • Stellar staff of instructors with different areas of expertise in yoga, Pilates, meditation and more.
  • Take guided classes to accomplish a particular goal, such as breathing to release stress and post-run balance.
  • Regularly updated for a fresh experience as often as possible.
  • Use the meditation timer to help with self-guided meditations. It includes a catalog of ambient sounds and chimes to help provide a calm environment.
  • Option to connect to the Health app to track heart rate and calories, record mindful minutes and see workouts in one place.
  • Download classes to practice offline.


  • As with most online exercise programs, you don’t get the benefit of an instructor watching your form and offering adjustments.
  • Without a set class to attend in person, it’s easy to put off the activity. But this is no fault of the app.

Bottom Line: Ideal for the new or experienced yogi seeking a little guidance and inspiration, Glo makes it easy to start or stay in practice anytime, anywhere.

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