BIGVU Teleprompter (iOS Version 1.2.0)

BIGVU Teleprompter (iOS Version 1.2.0) -Synopsis of the App: BIGVU Teleprompter video maker is a one-stop shop for recording scripted on-screen videos without memorizing the lines.

Price and Platform: Free trial (Subscriptions $14.99/month or $79.99/year). iOS and Android.

RDN Score: 4/5


  • With proper phone placement, the screen design makes it easy to keep your eyes on the camera for a natural appearance without having to memorize lines.
  • Add captions, titles and music to any video.
  • Automatically generate subtitles.
  • Apply a lower-third theme to create a consistent look and feel for your videos.
  • Record with a green screen to easily swap in different backgrounds.
  • Use the WordTrim feature to cut and remove unwanted parts with ease.
  • Export for a variety of platforms using square, horizontal or vertical specs.
  • Easily control text scroll speed to match your natural speaking cadence.
  • Combine still photos, videos and more in the app.
  • Seamlessly upload videos to the cloud and edit on your phone or computer.
  • Available with a free three-day trial, then $79.99 per year.


  • BIGVU might be a bit buggy. It doesn’t reliably keep video footage and script text if the phone sleeps, for example.
  • Poor-quality green screen experience at times.

Bottom Line: With the exception of a few potential glitches, BIGVU Teleprompter is ideal for creating talking head, how-to and introduction videos without memorizing any lines.

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