Cooklist (iOS Version 1.35.2)

Cooklist (iOS Version 1.35.2) -Synopsis of the App: Cooklist is a grocery list and meal planner complete with recipes using the foods you have on hand.

Price and Platform: Free trial/Paid Pro option. Apple and Android.

RDN Score: 5/5


  • Easy-to-use app with a clean design.
  • Plan meals using pre-made meal plans and personalize results with the number of people you’re feeding (from 1-4), diet type (e.g. keto, Whole 30, Mediterranean, vegan, vegetarian) and number of days in the menu cycle.
  • Add foods to the kitchen inventory by scanning a barcode or automatically import grocery pur-chases from more than 75 common grocery retailers for easy pantry updates.
  • Create your own recipes in the app or import directly from a website URL.
  • Create a shopping list that automatically excludes ingredients you already have and that is organized by aisle for quick and easy shopping.
  • Keep track of the ingredients in your kitchen, age and expiration dates automatically.
  • Cooklist syncs over the cloud to share shopping lists, pantry inventory and recipes with others in the household.
  • Easily add and remove ingredients from your pantry to get a refreshed list of recipe options and ingredient substitutions.
  • Upgrade to the paid plan ($64.99 per year) to view recipe nutrient analyses, receive free grocery delivery and compare shopping carts for the best deals.


  • Recipes are primarily from bloggers sourced on the internet, so quality may vary.

Bottom Line: Cooklist is an all-in-one meal planning, inventory management and grocery shopping app perfect for anyone serious about cooking — whether novice or pro.

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