Foodvisor (iOS Version 3.9.4)

Foodvisor (iOS Version 3.9.4) -Synopsis of the App: Foodvisor is a calorie counter and weight-loss and nutrition tracker.

Price and Platform: Free 7-day trial + Premium. Apple and Android.

RDN Score: 3/5


  • Take a photo of your plate to see the calories, carbohydrates and fat, or search for and enter foods manually.
  • Users can choose one of three objectives: to lose weight, gain muscle or eat healthfully.
  • Foodvisor factors in individual height, weight, age, activity level and goals to lose weight, gain muscle or eat healthfully to calculate calorie recommendations.
  • Track water intake on the home page.
  • Enter exercise daily or connect to Apple Health to automatically add completed physical activity to the app.
  • Includes recipes and articles covering lifestyle considerations.
  • Offers a paid program starting at $59.99 per year to be able to chat with the app’s RD Nutritionists and to receive more personalized recommendations and daily nutrition assessments.


  • When photographing food for tracking, the user must separate the foods for more accurate results. Though the foods are often identified accurately, portion sizes often need to be adjusted in the tracker.
  • Some nutrition guidance, such as a 13% protein recommendation on a calculated plan, is lower than most standard U.S. guidelines.
  • Must sign up using an email address, Apple ID or Facebook account, which may invite privacy concerns for some.
  • Some content on the app’s website is outdated.

Bottom Line: Purported to be the easiest app to track your food and reach your goals, Foodvisor still needs a few tweaks. The app is similar to many other trackers and may not offer notable advantages or be appropriate for all users.

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