Whipping up Pleasures with My Hamilton Beach Mixer

Whipping up Pleasures with My Hamilton Beach Mixer - Food & Nutrition Magazine - Stone Soup
Photo by Lauren O’Connor

Product reviewed: Hamilton Beach 7-Speed Stand Mixer

I already own a sturdy mixer, but it is heavy, hard to move and admittedly quite old. Its slightly warped metal base makes it difficult to fully secure the bowl for mixing. And while it is aesthetically elegant, I felt it was time to try something more accessible, especially with my girls eager to bake on a regular basis. So, I was thankful when my Hamilton Beach 7-Speed Stand Mixer arrived. It is much lighter, easy to move and has reassuring safety mechanisms.

The Hamilton Beach 7-Speed Stand Mixer has suction cups that secure it to your countertop and a tight-fitting, sturdy base where the bowl fits firmly. Plus, it won’t dent or rust because it’s not metal. The machine comes with a dough hook — great for making bagels and focaccia, two of my girls’ favorite breads to make — a whisk, a paddle and a flat beater. The splash guard easily slides into place and has a perfectly angled spout, so you can add ingredients while it is in place. And you can just as easily remove it while the mixer is running.

Now that my kitchen has become a part-time bakery (I say this because we bake so often), I find this Hamilton Beach mixer handy and so useful. My girls bake every weekend, and they sometimes prepare something mid-week, too. From poppyseed and cinnamon raisin bagels to rosemary focaccia and soft-baked pretzels, we’ve gotten a lot of use out of the dough hook. The mixer’s bowl is stainless steel and ideal for letting the dough proof.

We’ve had several occasions (two birthdays, a holiday and our anniversary just weeks apart) to make various cakes, cookies and frostings using the whisk for preparing whipped cream and the paddle attachment for creaming butter and sugar. The latest was a lemon cake with lemon curd and berries and a buttercream frosting; it was so moist and delicious. The mixer makes every task effortless, thanks to its adjustable speeds, complete bowl coverage that cuts down on time spent scraping batter from the sides (although you will need to do so a little), splash guard with spout and easy-to-lift neck. You have to get used to holding in the button for setting and releasing, and keep your fingers away from the neck opening when pressing to release it down (or else you could pinch a finger).

This mixer takes up minimal space, fitting nicely in the corner of our counter, yet is easy to move and resecure to another space, if necessary. Its black color simply “disappears” onto our dark counter space for an uncluttered appearance. But most importantly, my 11-year-old girls can handle all the mechanisms easily, independently and with little mess.

I call my Hamilton Beach mixer an “everyday appliance” because I could literally use it daily with ease and convenience. Whipping up Pleasures with My Hamilton Beach Mixer -While lately our focus has been on breads, bagels and occasional treats, I could use this mixer to make cloud eggs, soufflés, quiches and savory blends and batters for our everyday healthful meals. Having this efficient, user-friendly tool is important for maintaining a healthy kitchen; it saves time and keeps the process simple and fun, making daily meal prep and/or baking realistic and attainable.

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Lauren O’Connor, MS, RDN, is a Los Angeles-based private practice dietitian, recipe developer and owner of Nutri Savvy Health, a program focusing on mindful eating and family nutrition. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.