A Bright, Better-flowing Water Bottle

Product Reviewed:
50 Strong’s Simply Better Gym Bottle

gym water bottle

I’m always interested in learning about new products that may encourage my clients to drink more water. The unique design of 50 Strong’s Simply Better Gym Bottle helps water flow better than traditional bottles, so you don’t have to tilt your neck as far back to get a sip. It comes with a bit of a learning curve, though. If you’re like me, it might take a few tries to break your normal water bottle habits.

I also liked its Tornado Mixer feature, which creates a sort of cyclone inside the bottle, making it handy for shaking some protein powder into your water or adding lemon juice.

There were a couple of minor complaints: The bottle doled out bigger sips than I’m used to, and I also didn’t love that the pocket wasn’t actually a pocket, which made me worried that my gym card and keys could get wet. And, while I appreciated that these bottles are dishwasher safe, they’re a little big to fit in my New York City-tiny kitchen cabinets, and I hate countertop clutter. For people with normal-sized kitchens, this probably wouldn’t be an issue.

All in all, these bottles are a great way to brighten up a dull desk space while also reminding yourself to stay hydrated.

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Jessica Cording
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